Catholic Health & Charity

  1. Take the application form from the Parish Office and fill in all the details. Attach a photograph of the patient.
  2. Attach all documents mentioned in the application form including a Xerox copy showing the amount you have to spend for medical treatment.
  3. Get the statement of SCC Coordinator and S.V.P. member who will visit the house and verify the case.
  4. After verification as per the policy and decision of the Parish Finance Committee, aid will be given. Cheque will be issued by the Parish Priest.
  5. Those seeking further medical aid will be given letters of request for medical aid to other Parishes and Institutions as per the list selected by the person seeking medical aid.

The Parish Priest has the list of Parishes and Institutions giving medical aid. A letter may also be given as appeal to the Archdiocesan Corpus Fund – Medical Aid.

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