Issuing Certificates – Photographing details from any of the Church Registers is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, UNACCEPTABLE as not official.

Baptism and Marriage

  • ID Proof is a must for all certificates.
  • Previous certificates or ‘Accepted Proforma’ is also accepted.
  • Any Government ID (Xerox) of the person on whose name the Certificate is.

In case of collection of Certificate on behalf of another person:

  • Your personal ID and the ID of the person on whose name the certificate is required.
  • A Letter, authorizing the person to collect the Certificate on behalf of him/her.


Documents to be submitted the same as in Baptism and Marriage. However, please note: Burial Certificate will only be issued to next of kin like – spouse/son/daughter and NOT to any other party – even if authorization letter is given.

East Indian Catholic Remark

In order to get the ‘East Indian Catholic’ remark entered in the Remarks Column of his/her Baptism Register, the person concerned could directly approach the Chancellor at Archbishop’s House with a letter, addressed to the Parish Priest of their Church of Baptism, requesting him to add the ‘East Indian Catholic’ remark in the Remarks Column of his/her Baptism Register.

Along with this letter, he/she should also carry with the following documents:

  1. The original certificate from either the ‘Mool East Indian Sanghatna’ or ‘The Bombay East Indian Association’ stating that he/she is a member of that Sanghatna or Association.
  2. Alternatively, he/she could get a letter from any priest who knows him/her and could vouch that he/she is an East Indian.
  3. The original or a Xerox copy of one’s Baptism certificate.

Please note that both, the Baptism Certificate as well as the original membership certificate, will be returned to the parties.

Name Change in Registers

Documents for change in Name and/or Surname of the child in the Baptism Register: Municipal Birth Certificate with the correct name and/or surname of the child.

Document for change in date of birth: Municipal Birth Certificate and Hospital Birth Card.

Documents for change in the Name and/or Surname of Parents of the child in the Baptism Register: Baptism certificates and Marriage Certificate of Parents with their correct name and surname in both these documents.

Documents for change in Names in Marriage Register: Baptism Certificates having the correct name and/or surname of bridegroom and bride and their parents.

Documents for change in the Funeral Register: Baptism and/or Marriage Certificate of the deceased person having the correct name and surname.

When making changes in Government Gazette for Baptism Certificate: Make sure that the old name is the same as stated in the Baptism Register. Do not add Father’s name or husband’s name and surname to the new name in the Government Gazette.

For all changes in the Church Registers:

First please write an application to the Parish Priest stating clearly what the error(s) is and the corrections. Then a Letter will be given by the Parish Priest to the Chancellor, Archbishop’s House, and change in the register will be done only after permission is received from the Chancellor.

Portuguese Passport

  1. Two Roman Catholic Parishioners who were staying in the same locality of our Parish as the person applying for this certificate make a sworn statement before God with their hand on the Bible and in the presence of the Parish Priest.
  2. These two Roman Catholic Parishioners should have been staying in the same locality as the applicant before 1st January 1974 till after 31st December 1975.
  3. In addition to making a sworn statement that the applicant was staying in their locality, they must also state in the sworn statement that the applicant and his family attended the religious ceremonies of St Anthony Church, Vakola, Mumbai 400 055 during the period of their stay in the above mentioned address including the period 1st January 1974 to 31st December 1975.

The applicant must bring an original copy of his/her Baptism Certificate and a Passport size photograph. The phrasing of our letter may be different from what the Embassy gives as a draft.

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