St. Anthony’s High School

An English Medium Boys school affiliated to the Archdiocesan Board of Education. It aims at giving an all round education, academic, physical, moral and spiritual, primarily to Catholics, as well as irrespective of religion and race.

Logo & Motto: "Fide Et Labore" which means "Faith and Toil".

From humble beginnings of two classrooms where the priests also resided, while the church was being constructed arose what today is St. Anthony’s School – kinder-garden, primary, secondary and even junior college with open university. These are housed in two buildings with an ultramodern hall, state-of-the-art facilities and a large playground which until the 1940s was a pond and marshy land. In 1949, Fr. Michael Rego was appointed Parish Priest and school was christened.

In 1963, Msgr. Alfred Aguiar, an eminent educationist not only consolidated the school building, but also a Convent House for the nuns of St. Charles to stay and develop a girls school and the co-education system at St. Anthony’s was discontinued. In 1968, Msgr. Nelson Mascarenhas succeeded him and North Wing of the school, renovated and enlarged the school hall, put up a floor for the parochial residence, extended the three floors of the school to join the Parochial House to the school building. These projects were funded by organizing activities like The Tonian Fair – evenings of fun, food and frolic.

In 1990s, St. Anthony’s School added new science labs, library, a computer room and an art room. As part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the church, the School Hall had granite tiles in-laid on the walls and a white marble façade for the stage. The stage was also redesigned to have 4 wings and 3 curtains with improved lighting and shifting backdrops to enhance performances on it. A new hi-tech sound system was put in place adding to the AV experience. The entrance was redone and grey marble tiles beautified the stairways. This was done by Mr. Bosco Fernandes of Girgaum, assisted by parishioners, Mr. Felix D’souza and Mr. Anthony Paul D’souza was responsible for modifications and stage construction.

St. Anthony’s School Timeline

Mr. Lawrence Rodrigues felt the need to initiate a school in Vancola as students of the area had to go as far as Bandra and beyond to get even basic education. Most of the residents were poor or into farming and hence the children could not get proper schooling. He was soon joined by some of his friends – Mr. Michael Miranda, Mr. Xavier Miranda and Mr. Joseph Miranda. They approached the priest in charge of St. Anthony’s Chapel to permit it to be used as a classroom. Some 30 – 40 students assembled under the first teacher – Ms. Dorothy Carvalho. Her salary was put together from meager school fees, donors and the Kurla Khot which sanctioned Rs. 25 monthly.

As the number of students increased by leaps and bounds, there was felt the need to increase the classrooms. A resident Vicar was appointed exclusively for this and he made arrangements to utilize every available space to do so. The Vicar approached the Archbishop of Bombay for a loan, which could not be made available due to paucity of resources. It was then that a philanthropic lady Mrs. Bapsy Sabavala came foward with a donation of Rs. 5000, while the locals contributed another Rs.1,000 for the then Vicar, Fr. Michael Rego to start construction. The foundation stone was blessed by His Grace, Thomas Robert, Archbishop of Bombay.

1951 – 25th March
The school building costed Rs. 38,000 and comprised only ground floor. His Grace, Valerian Gracias, who later became a Cardinal inaugurated the St. Anthony’s School. He was also the first Indian Archbishop of Bombay, The children who till then were studying in the cramped premises of the Church, could now move and learn in a better environment.

1952 – June
St. Anthony’s School now had six classes and was a co-education one, numbering 330 boys and girls. A Library Room was added where students who loved reading spent their time. A Hindi and Marathi teacher was also appointed. With the opening up of more classrooms up to SSC, the school was recognized and upgraded to a High School and additional staff appointed.

St. Anthony’s High School now has over 3000 pupils in two buildings to house Primary and Secondary sections, besides a Junior College for Commerce and Science students. It is also one of the few schools in the city that has a Night School and one which caters to the needs of retarded children.

St. Anthony’s High School,
Nehru Road, Vakola,
Santacruz East, Mumbai 400 055
Mobile: +91 7715822391 / +91 9082856478

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne of Bangalore
St Anne’s Convent,
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Vakola Pipeline Santacruz East, Mumbai 400 055

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