Asha Kiran (CCO) Community Centre of St. Anthony's Church

Asha Kiran
The Community Centre was inaugurated on 19th March 1994, under the auspices of St. Anthony’s Church and has been initiated by the Society of the Helpers of Mary, who paved the way for the evolvement of the centre over the last over 25 years.

Vision & Mission Statement
To be true witness of Christ reaching out in faith love and service. Living Bible values to build families and communities, making the Church fully alive by concientizing and empowering people, especially the marginalized and downtrodden, without discriminating between caste, creed and religion and taking necessary action.

The Aims

  • Organize socio-economic programmes and make women self-reliant.
  • Network with other NGO’s
  • To work within the framework of the System for its change.
  • Unifying people of all religions for a collective action against injustice.

Methods Used
Personal contacts, group meetings, awareness among the residents leading to a reflection process that motivates people into action to resolve their own problems.

Issues Involved
Insecurity of land tenure, lack of electricity, deficient basic amenities, unsatisfactory civic attention, general sanitation etc that leads to unhealthy and poor living conditions.

People’s Power
Once they are conscientized and organized they acquire power through rallies, signature campaigns, morchas, dialogue etc. People are moved to action to meet their needs. They make plans and execute them.

Current Activities
Networking –
The centre is known in NGO circles for the excellent network it has built. It believes in working hand in hand with others so as to meet the ends of the people. It networks with BMC, Bombay House workers solidarity, SETU, AVEHI, DRTC-FCCO, The Police, Federation of NGO’s of the HIE ward, women’s cell etc.

Mahila Mandals – The center has been able to sustain many mahila mandals, which are very active in Vakola. Asha Kiran works to give the Mahilas an independent identity. Through these mandals the mahilas are empowered in decision making, taking up a trade etc. The aim of these mandals is to make the Mahila aware of the “Nari Power” through which they can themselves solve their own problems.

Youth Group – Asha Kiran has a strong youth brigade, which is drawn from youth belonging to the neighbouring areas. Wide ranges of awareness programmes are conducted for the youth e.g. Aids, Drug Abuse, leadership etc. Asha Kiran has taken upon itself the task of providing training to the local youth under the Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rozgar Yojna of the BMC. Many youth are benefiting from these training programmes and courses.

Bal Mandal – Presently Asha Kiran’s Bal Mandals have 400 members. These children hail from poor families. The centre makes an effort to give them moments of joy through cultural programmes and celebrations. These children are also given some exposure on social issues, which help them develop the right mindset.

Domestic Workers – The centre has been working towards helping the poor people 44 by placing them as domestic workers in different houses. The aim of the centre is to assist them obtain fair wages and to prevent exploitation of their services. Training programmes too are held for these workers.

Bachat Gat – The mahila mandal members who are below the poverty line are encouraged to form groups and start saving. If a IL group has ten members, the group gets an incentive of Rs.1000 per year per person from the BMC. These women use this incentive of the government as loan from the gat itself. This programme has enthused quite a few women to join the credit society.

Job Placement – The centre also takes up the task of providing jobs to both skilled and unskilled workers. It does so by liaisoning with other human resource development units. Thus the job placement cell has a remarkable success, since many people have found employment with the help of this cell.

Counselling and Legal Aid – The centre also offers its services in the form of counselling and legal aid in case of family disputes, property matters etc. The case, which requires technical expertise, is referred to the centre’s networks like women’s centre, family counselling centre etc.

Rationing Issues – Asha Kiran liaisons with the Ration Kruti Samiti to take up rationing issues at the community level.. The vigilant committee of Asha Kiran has created Imuch awareness among the ration shop owners. A good rapport is maintained with the rationing officer of the Santacruz zone thus providing those with no ration cards with ration cards and helping them in various problems related to rationing.

Neighbourhood Committee or Sezar Samiti –
Like the higher strata of people having their own societies the government also wants the NGOs to organize the slum committee into neighbourhood groups. Government programmes like Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rozgar Yojna, health programmes, development and civic schemes etc are made available to the people through Asha Kiran. Leaders of these groups are trained through the BMC to work as volunteers in the community.

Facility for Senior Citizens –
Asha Kiran does all clerical jobs for the Senior citizens. Right from filling the forms, submitting it to the Tehsildar, following up with the authorities etc… The centre also ensures that the senior citizens are not troubled in any way by the authorities with regard to getting their identity cards.

Housing Cell –
A housing cell has been formed to work on housing related issues. Asha Kiran with the help of the Centre of Rights on housing, works to bring about awareness among the people. Training programmes too are conducted. A meeting is conducted every month to follow up the issues taken up by the committee.

Empowering the Marginalized –
The centre helps the women to be self reliant by giving them training in different sectors of life viz, food preparation, tailoring, putting up stalls at exhibitions, goods manufacturing e.g. phenyl etc. The centre is now actively involved in helping to raise the standard of living of the poor by starting a consumer society thus making available to them good quality of provisions at affordable prices.

An Appeal
Our target groups are women, children, and youth, especially those who are highly affected by the system. We organize various programmes such as awareness, training, empowering and organizing etc. In order to create a new system, we need your moral as well as financial support. You may also volunteer your services. Your kind support will help thousands of your less fortunate brothers and sisters.

You can Multiply your Joy by Caring & Sharing”

Asha Kiran

Akash Apartment – 2
Ground Floor Room No 2 & 3
Yashwant Nagar Road
Behind Tirupathi Bldg
Vakola, Santacruz (E)
Phone : 022 26694033
Mobile : 8433524676 / 9892184907
Email :

Timings: 10:30 – 1 :00 p.m.

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